Victory (End Rhyme Poem)

Being torn in two from a once friendly face.

Unpopular opinions cause your disgrace.

It doesn’t seem to matter, the meaning or rhyme,

Or even when you’ve spent your last nickel and dime.


They look down their noses, so poised and pissed,

All because of that one silly marking you missed.

You’re done, you’re finished, no one to see you through,

So what other options are there left for you?


You pick yourself up and that’s when it starts.

The thing you’ve been missing all along is your heart.

So busy were you, trying to follow the crowd,

You lost the old drive that had once made you proud.


But with this new start you can finally step out,

Be your own person and with new purpose you shout.

Words from the roof and lines from the heart.

You are the one who now stands apart.


And as for those ones whose words your heart broke

Forget those cruel words that once they had spoke.

Left in the past, and in the past they shall stay

While the light shines on you this glorious day.


The Northern Star (Song Poem)

Over the river and through the woods

To a place so dark and gray,

Sits a merry maiden lass

Wishing her fears away.


She calls around to the lack of sound,

Prays for joy and light.

She sings her song, hopes it’s done,

Before the coming night.


She sings and screams her days away

“When will these dark nights end?”

Her hopes and dreams, though lost they seem,

Are heard around the bend.


A song bird comes and listens on

To songs that pierce the night.

He smiles and sings, “Oh don’t you see?

It is you who brings us light?”


The maiden’s song, now nearly done,

She won’t believe it’s true.

How could her song, all that she’s sung,

Light the world anew?


The song bird sings, “Come walk with me,

I’ll show you all I know.”

He guides her down the path to town,

Whistling as they go.


They near the town, and looking down,

The maiden finally sees,

The world below, though darkness grows,

She is the light they need.


“You guide them to a hope anew,

Your song’s their guiding star.

Though darkness you are settled in.

You guide them from afar.”


The song bird leads her into the night,

The maiden sits again

Upon her throne, now that she knows,

She helps the world of men.


She never frets, and she never frowns,

She lets her songs shine bright,

It guides the ones whose lost their way,

To get them home each night.


Advice to My Child (Epistolary Poem)

Hello little one,

You don’t know me yet,
But one day you will.
I’ll be the one who holds you,
I’ll be the one who kisses you goodnight.
And I know, one day, you will sit with me here
And I will tell you fantastic tales.
Each one I’ve thought of, each one I’ll use
Hand-picked just for you.

They will serve you well, as lessons,
To guide you through this world.
To give you hope and dreams.
To keep you going strong.
Because one day you will live, love.
And at times, it can hurt.
But I want you to fight through it,
Fight through the pain,
Because it doesn’t last forever.
But when it feels like it may,
I want you to remember those stories I read.
I want to make your dreams, fantastic as they are,
Become a reality.

I want you to make fairies fly,
To make worlds become real,
All with blink and a thought.
Create yourself a new world,
A world that you forged yourself,
And then remember those tales.
Those silly little tales that I read to you,
That I hope I have taught you. . .
Never give up on your dreams.
Never give in to the darkness of the world.
Fight for yourself and those who need you.
Pull inspiration from those fairy tales,
The ones that I hope you will come to love.
Each one is a lesson, a grand lesson for you.
Cinderella, how to be true to yourself.
Belle, being true to others.
Little Mermaid, finding a once lost voice.

Although I don’t your face yet,
There is one thing I do know.
You will make a great person.
You will be important to the world around you.
And although you may struggle and stumble at times,
I will always be here for you,
With a smile on my face,
With love in my heart,
And a story ready to tell.


Pride and Love (Italian Sonnet)

My heart, my life, my soul, my love once mine.

To be without the hope of loves return.

To be without the hope of loves sweet burn.

His heart went on with hers, as mine just cried.

His hand, his life, his hopes, his dreams now tied.

How will I live, how can I leave and learn

From all the breaks within my heart that burns?

I turn my gaze on vast abyss of pride.


It’s pride that caused my love to fail and fall.

It’s pride that kept my love behind closed doors.

For all the love I felt, I could not call

It from the wells of pride that ran so deep.

It cared not how my heart for him adored,

It stayed behind, enclosed within stone walls.


The Storm (Found Poem)

The morning sun rose,

Clear of the high ridges.

The lake, peat-laden black,

Grasped by thin fingers of dawn fog.

The north sky filled with dark clouds.

The storm front marched

Over the mountain ridge,

Just past the midpoint of the lake.

The wind whipped the waves higher,

Until they struck noisily at the sides.

There was a flash of lightning

Followed by a tremendous thunderclap.


The storm had come at last.


Poem found in Loch by Paul Zindel

Found Poems are a type of poetry where you take words or phrases from another piece of literature and put them together to make something completely new. This one was inspired by my favorite book, Loch by Paul Zindel. I enjoyed writing it, but would never submit it for publication as the words are Zindel’s, but I still wanted to share it with you all. Thank you for reading!