Advice to My Child (Epistolary Poem)

Hello little one,

You don’t know me yet,
But one day you will.
I’ll be the one who holds you,
I’ll be the one who kisses you goodnight.
And I know, one day, you will sit with me here
And I will tell you fantastic tales.
Each one I’ve thought of, each one I’ll use
Hand-picked just for you.

They will serve you well, as lessons,
To guide you through this world.
To give you hope and dreams.
To keep you going strong.
Because one day you will live, love.
And at times, it can hurt.
But I want you to fight through it,
Fight through the pain,
Because it doesn’t last forever.
But when it feels like it may,
I want you to remember those stories I read.
I want to make your dreams, fantastic as they are,
Become a reality.

I want you to make fairies fly,
To make worlds become real,
All with blink and a thought.
Create yourself a new world,
A world that you forged yourself,
And then remember those tales.
Those silly little tales that I read to you,
That I hope I have taught you. . .
Never give up on your dreams.
Never give in to the darkness of the world.
Fight for yourself and those who need you.
Pull inspiration from those fairy tales,
The ones that I hope you will come to love.
Each one is a lesson, a grand lesson for you.
Cinderella, how to be true to yourself.
Belle, being true to others.
Little Mermaid, finding a once lost voice.

Although I don’t your face yet,
There is one thing I do know.
You will make a great person.
You will be important to the world around you.
And although you may struggle and stumble at times,
I will always be here for you,
With a smile on my face,
With love in my heart,
And a story ready to tell.

2 thoughts on “Advice to My Child (Epistolary Poem)”

    1. Oh no! We have it in the backs of our minds for the future, but not right now. I wrote this piece thinking about being a parent and what I would hope I would be like when the time comes.


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