The Storm (Found Poem)

The morning sun rose,

Clear of the high ridges.

The lake, peat-laden black,

Grasped by thin fingers of dawn fog.

The north sky filled with dark clouds.

The storm front marched

Over the mountain ridge,

Just past the midpoint of the lake.

The wind whipped the waves higher,

Until they struck noisily at the sides.

There was a flash of lightning

Followed by a tremendous thunderclap.


The storm had come at last.


Poem found in Loch by Paul Zindel

Found Poems are a type of poetry where you take words or phrases from another piece of literature and put them together to make something completely new. This one was inspired by my favorite book, Loch by Paul Zindel. I enjoyed writing it, but would never submit it for publication as the words are Zindel’s, but I still wanted to share it with you all. Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “The Storm (Found Poem)”

    1. Thank you so much, Lady-Kaaesien! I didn’t know it was a form of poetry until I took that class, and I have been fascinated ever since, because you could take a scene that was to evoke one feeling, and just by taking out a few lines and re-arranging them, they could mean something completely new. And for this one, I just had so much fun because it was from my favorite book and I tried to mirror phrases I found in the first chapter to represent something that happened later in the book. If you haven’t ever done a poem like this, I really recommend it! It can inspire such amazing thoughts!


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