Pride and Love (Italian Sonnet)

My heart, my life, my soul, my love once mine.

To be without the hope of loves return.

To be without the hope of loves sweet burn.

His heart went on with hers, as mine just cried.

His hand, his life, his hopes, his dreams now tied.

How will I live, how can I leave and learn

From all the breaks within my heart that burns?

I turn my gaze on vast abyss of pride.


It’s pride that caused my love to fail and fall.

It’s pride that kept my love behind closed doors.

For all the love I felt, I could not call

It from the wells of pride that ran so deep.

It cared not how my heart for him adored,

It stayed behind, enclosed within stone walls.

2 thoughts on “Pride and Love (Italian Sonnet)”

    1. Thank you! It was an assignment from a course I took way back and decided to do some work with it. I have to say, never did I think I would ever write a sonnet, but it was fun!


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