Stories by Shanna Pikora

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did writing them! ~Shanna

A Second Chance (Contemporary Romance)

Lucien Pereli spent the last five years paying his dues to society. He is ready to move on from the past and start his life anew. However, he quickly learns it isn’t as easy as he thought and his past actions come with a price.

Raina Carstens has been through a great deal in her life, but she has moved on from her grief. She now has a successful cafe and strives to help any she can. But can she help her intimidating, and rather handsome, new employee?

*A special thank you to Magpie Magazine for allowing me to publish the first few chapters in their publication! I am so grateful for you for giving Lucian and Raina’s story it’s first publication!

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Available on Amazon and Kindle!

Fae Spreads: 2020 (Tarot Book)

Fae Spreads 2020 contains original tarot spreads created by Fae Lynn for her tarot reading business, Tarot by Fae. Each spread created in 2020 will have a page dedicated to the spread layout and card meanings, insights, inspirations, and intent for the spread, as well as a reflection on how well the spread worked in readings. Whether you are an experienced tarot reader or just bought your new deck, this would be a great book to offer new and creative spreads. Learn how Fae Lynn creates her own spreads and perhaps be inspired to make a couple of your own.

Goodnight, Little Grubb (Children’s Picture Book)

The day is coming to an end and its time for all Little Grubbs to say goodnight. Come along with Little Grubb as she says goodnight to her friends and family and drifts off to the land of sweet dreams.

Available only through Cedar Falls Public Library Book Nook

Writers of the Cedar Valley 2019 Anthology

Featured Stories:

“Measure of Love” (Poem)

“Fire Dance” (Poem)

“Little Light” (Short Story)

Lyrical Iowa 2020 ~ 75th Anniversary Edition

“Lyrical Iowa” is an annual publication through the Iowa Poetry Association. Any poet currently living in the state of Iowa may submit poetry for possible publication.

Accepted Poem featured in this edition: “Working Girl”

Lyrical Iowa can be ordered directly through the Iowa Poetry Association for $10.00.

Available only through Cedar Falls Public Library

Writers of the Cedar Valley 2018 Anthology

Featured Story:

“Leaving Her Mark”

She how someone first strolling in through town will leave their mark.

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