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Welcome to my blog and website!

My name is Shanna Pikora, I’m an indie romance author who likes to write a wide range of stories – from sweet to spicy, fantasy to contemporary, and a few others sprinkled in.

Feel free to explore the site! All my published works, and where to find them, are listed under “stories”. They are posted by most recent to oldest publications.

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I hope you enjoy my stories!

If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at StoriesbyShannaP.gmail.com.

Latest Release (7/29/2022)

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Romance Rendezvous Book BlastAugust 19, 2023Cedar Falls, Iowa
Flirty in Kansas CityFebruary 3, 2024Kansas City, Missouri
*Romance Rendezvous Book BlastTBDCedar Falls, Iowa
*Events that are hopeful, but not confirmed (and even if I’m not there, you should still check the event out!)

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