Victory (End Rhyme Poem)

Being torn in two from a once friendly face.

Unpopular opinions cause your disgrace.

It doesn’t seem to matter, the meaning or rhyme,

Or even when you’ve spent your last nickel and dime.


They look down their noses, so poised and pissed,

All because of that one silly marking you missed.

You’re done, you’re finished, no one to see you through,

So what other options are there left for you?


You pick yourself up and that’s when it starts.

The thing you’ve been missing all along is your heart.

So busy were you, trying to follow the crowd,

You lost the old drive that had once made you proud.


But with this new start you can finally step out,

Be your own person and with new purpose you shout.

Words from the roof and lines from the heart.

You are the one who now stands apart.


And as for those ones whose words your heart broke

Forget those cruel words that once they had spoke.

Left in the past, and in the past they shall stay

While the light shines on you this glorious day.

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