The Northern Star (Song Poem)

Over the river and through the woods

To a place so dark and gray,

Sits a merry maiden lass

Wishing her fears away.


She calls around to the lack of sound,

Prays for joy and light.

She sings her song, hopes it’s done,

Before the coming night.


She sings and screams her days away

“When will these dark nights end?”

Her hopes and dreams, though lost they seem,

Are heard around the bend.


A song bird comes and listens on

To songs that pierce the night.

He smiles and sings, “Oh don’t you see?

It is you who brings us light?”


The maiden’s song, now nearly done,

She won’t believe it’s true.

How could her song, all that she’s sung,

Light the world anew?


The song bird sings, “Come walk with me,

I’ll show you all I know.”

He guides her down the path to town,

Whistling as they go.


They near the town, and looking down,

The maiden finally sees,

The world below, though darkness grows,

She is the light they need.


“You guide them to a hope anew,

Your song’s their guiding star.

Though darkness you are settled in.

You guide them from afar.”


The song bird leads her into the night,

The maiden sits again

Upon her throne, now that she knows,

She helps the world of men.


She never frets, and she never frowns,

She lets her songs shine bright,

It guides the ones whose lost their way,

To get them home each night.

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