Shanna Pikora

Author. Romantic. Nerd.

Shanna is local to the Cedar Valley, Iowa area. Her main genre includes romance (ranging multiple sub-genres), however, she enjoys venturing out into other genres such as dark fiction, suspense, and poetry. It just depends on how the mood strikes.

Shanna’s works range in spice and sweetness. Books could be sweet and tooth-rotting, sexy and spicy, or dark and angsty. Be sure to check out the “Stories” tab to learn more about each book, so you aren’t caught off guard!

When she isn’t writing, Shanna spends her time being a wife and mother, as well as doing much more nerdy activities such as painting, playing musical instruments, gaming, reading, and even writing fanfiction.

In her spare time, Shanna also enjoys other creative arts such as painting, playing musical instruments, and even writing fanfiction. You can follow her on a variety of platforms, see updates by subscribing to her blog, or subscribe to her newsletter.

Member of:

Cedar Valley Writers, Iowa Poets Society

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