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Lyrical Iowa 2021 (New Publication)

I am so excited to announce that my poem “My Flame” will be published in “Lyrical Iowa 2021” this year! It is not set to release until October-ish. I have placed and order to do a giveaway, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information soon!

“Lyrical Iowa 2020”

In the meantime, if you would like to order your own copy of “Lyrical Iowa 2021” and show love to the amazing poets who are published, you can do so by clicking the link below!

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Lyrical Iowa 2020 (Giveaway)

Hello Reader! As you may remember, I received word a few months back that my poem, “Working Girl”, would be published in this year’s “Lyrical Iowa” publication. I was so excited to hear the news as this edition of “Lyrical Iowa” was a special 75-year Anniversary Edition and I was honored to be selected as one of the poets included in the collection.

Picture of "Lyrical Iowa 2020". A paperback collection. Cover is a blue and cloudy sky with trees and wind veins. The text reads: Lyrical Iowa 2020 75th Anniversary Edition.

I’m happy to announce that “Lyrical Iowa 2020” is now printed and available for purchase through the Iowa Poetry Association Website. However, before you click that button to purchase your own copy…


I will be giving away a total of 5 copies of “Lyrical Iowa 2020” through my three major platforms. Three copies will be given away through this website, one will be given away through Instagram, and one through my newsletter. You can increase your chances of winning a SIGNED COPY of “Lyrical Iowa 2020” by following and subscribing to all three platforms.

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The winner will be announced across all three platforms on Saturday, October 24th. That means you only have a week to ensure you are following and subscribed to all platforms for the best chance to win.

If you don’t want to wait a week and would like to purchase your own copy of “Lyrical Iowa 2020” or their previous publications, click the link below to be taken to their order form on their website.

Good luck to all of you in your chances to win! I hope you enjoy my poetry submission, “Working Girl”.


The Violet (Contemporary Poetry)

A single bloom on a summer’s day

Hears humanity,

But worries not in their affairs.

Never knows their sins

Or afflictions.

Her life is a simpler sort.

Her roots run deep,

Into the earth,

Where Mother keeps her grounded.

She reaches for Father

Whose guiding light

gives her life and nourishment.

She learns from bird and bee,

Befriends the bug and worm,

Holds hands with her neighbor.

She feels no want or fear.

She doesn’t fight for her place.

She doesn’t climb up to higher places.

Instead, she sits,

Content in her space,

Smiling at the sun.

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Lyrical Iowa 2020 & Updates

Lyrical Iowa 2020

I am so excited to announce that my poem “Working Girl” was selected by the Iowa Poetry Association to be included in their annual anthology “Lyrical Iowa” for 2020! I’m incredibly honored to be included in their annual publication.

It’s set to be printed in October, which means hopefully by the end of October/early November, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY! That’s right, you could win a free, signed copy of “Lyrical Iowa 2020”. I will be doing three giveaways through the website/blog, newsletter, and Instagram.

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Chance 3: Follow me on Instagram – You’ll need an Instagram account for this, but if you have one you can follow me. I will pick ONE winner from my followers (drawn from a hat) to win a free copy as well!

Be sure to check out all of these platforms for your chance to win a free, signed copy of “Lyrical Iowa 2020” containing my poem “Working Girl”. It is also a great way to get new and exciting content!

Proof Copy – Children’s Picture Book

Today I received my first proof copy of a book! It’s for a children’s picture book that I’m putting together (pictures and all!). When the mail came, I ran right out to pick it up. It’s so amazing to have a print copy of my book in my hands. I do have some minor changes to make before it’s finally released, but I’m still so very excited!

I will, of course, do a giveaway when the book goes live on Amazon. Until then, be sure to check in for any updates and more exciting news about the book!

New Domain Name

You may also notice there is a slightly different URL for the website. I have officially purchased a domain name! This may seem like a little change, but what this means is there will be no random adds on the pages anymore. It also means the new web address for my site is: storiesbyshannap.com. Isn’t that so much easier?!

I’m very excited for this change, so I hope you are too! I look forward to rolling out even more updates soon!

Until then, be sure to enter for the free giveaways and updates! Happy reading!

~Shanna Pikora


As Far as the Car Would Take Us (End Rhyme Poem)

We went as far as the car would take us,

Hoping to get away from it all.

Away from the anger, away from the hate,

Everything they were destined to cause.


We went as far as the car would take us,

Looking for the grass that was green.

Driving away we hoped to forget

All that we had ever seen.


We went as far as the car would take us,

Praying it would be enough.

Some time, some space, was all we needed

To get through the times that were tough.


We went as far as the car would take us,

Over the peaking hill.

Down the road and down the slope…

A deer gave us our final bill.


We went as far as the car would take us,

Not realizing the journey’s end.

Far had we traveled and far we would stay,

With broken hearts that you couldn’t mend.


We went as far as the car would take us,

For which I deeply regret.

It’s hopeless to wish and fruitless to pray

That it was a dream we could just forget.


We went as far as the car would take us,

And that is all you can ask.

But please don’t dwell, and please don’t cry,

For the journey that was our last.


*Author’s Note: I wrote this piece as a submission for The First Line Literary Journal. The goal was to use the line given as the very first line in a story or poem. I decided to take it a step further and use that line for each stanza. Unfortunately, it wasn’t accepted, but I hope you enjoy it still the same! Happy Reading!