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Lyrical Iowa 2020 & Updates

Lyrical Iowa 2020

I am so excited to announce that my poem “Working Girl” was selected by the Iowa Poetry Association to be included in their annual anthology “Lyrical Iowa” for 2020! I’m incredibly honored to be included in their annual publication.

It’s set to be printed in October, which means hopefully by the end of October/early November, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY! That’s right, you could win a free, signed copy of “Lyrical Iowa 2020”. I will be doing three giveaways through the website/blog, newsletter, and Instagram.

You can have a chance to win if you do the following…

Chance 1: Follow my Blog – If you received an email with this update, you’ve already done this and are officially entered. However, if you haven’t, you can put your email in the box below and you will be signed up to receive email notifications when I post on the blog. I plan to put all names of my followers in a bucket and draw THREE names as a winner. I will email you if that happens!

Chance 2: Subscribe to my Newsletter – Starting this month, I will be putting out a monthly newsletter. It will contain special content and updates from different platforms, all sent directly to your email! I will look at who all is subscribed to the newsletter and draw ONE name as a winner!

Success! You're on the list.

Chance 3: Follow me on Instagram – You’ll need an Instagram account for this, but if you have one you can follow me. I will pick ONE winner from my followers (drawn from a hat) to win a free copy as well!

Be sure to check out all of these platforms for your chance to win a free, signed copy of “Lyrical Iowa 2020” containing my poem “Working Girl”. It is also a great way to get new and exciting content!

Proof Copy – Children’s Picture Book

Today I received my first proof copy of a book! It’s for a children’s picture book that I’m putting together (pictures and all!). When the mail came, I ran right out to pick it up. It’s so amazing to have a print copy of my book in my hands. I do have some minor changes to make before it’s finally released, but I’m still so very excited!

I will, of course, do a giveaway when the book goes live on Amazon. Until then, be sure to check in for any updates and more exciting news about the book!

New Domain Name

You may also notice there is a slightly different URL for the website. I have officially purchased a domain name! This may seem like a little change, but what this means is there will be no random adds on the pages anymore. It also means the new web address for my site is: Isn’t that so much easier?!

I’m very excited for this change, so I hope you are too! I look forward to rolling out even more updates soon!

Until then, be sure to enter for the free giveaways and updates! Happy reading!

~Shanna Pikora

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