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My 2021 Reading Challenges

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This year, I decided to take on a number of reading challenges to help me conquer my ever growing “To Be Read” pile. Not only do I have many books in my house to read, but I also have a massive amount on my wish list as well. To help me with this, as I always like to add a layer of fun to goal setting, I have decided to utilize a couple social media and personal challenges.

If you also have a large “To Be Read” pile, join me in some of these challenges!

Reading Challenge 1: Goodreads (100 Books in a Year)

At the beginning of the year, I kept getting notifications from Goodreads to set a goal for myself on how many books I wanted to read that year. I decided to “go big or go home” and set it at 100! I am proud to say that I’m currently a book ahead of schedule and hope that I can read 100 books in a year — as that would put a nice big chunk in my “To Be Read” pile!

If you’re on Goodreads, you can follow me by clicking below. You would be able to see what books I’m reading (which may give you a sneak peek at what books will pop up in reviews) as well as how I’m progressing through the challenge. Send me a friend request so we can cheer each other on as we work through our own “To Be Read” piles!

Reading Challenge 2: Heaving Bosoms 2021 Reading Embrace

You may recall one of my more recent posts have been about my favorite podcasts (if not you can check it out here). Number one on that list was Heaving Bosoms. I do adore the podcast and am excited to try their annual reading challenge, the Heaving Bosoms Reading Embrace.

The Reading Embrace is to help you read new and exciting romance novels by finding books that fit into VERY UNIQUE categories. These categories come from sayings and topics from the podcast, which make it even more fun to try to find books that fit. Categories Include: Darkness Button, Defcon Most Extreme. England Times America, Furrrrrr, Lady Love, Murder Smolder, Never Seen Snow Before, and so many more!

If you’re a romance reader, join me in the Heaving Bosoms 2021 Reading Embrace and let’s see what amazing stories we find!

Reading Challenge 3: Novel Knight “Beat the Backlist” Challenge

This is a challenge I found on Instagram but am so excited for! What I love most about it are the multiple options for how you can participate. There is the 24-book option or the 52-book option. Again, I’m going big or going home so I’m taking on the 52-book option.

On the site, there are multiple formats you can download to track your progress. Do you want a simple list to write out what you read? Want to turn it into a Bingo game to see who in your friend group can get a bingo first? They have all these options!

Be sure to check it out and join me in this challenge. I think it’s going to be a BLAST!

Reading Challenge 4: Most Pages Read in a Year

With all these books I’ll be reading and challenges I undertake, I will be reading plenty of books. As will my bestie who is also working on tackling her “To Be Read” pile. So…we made a bet!

Who could read the most pages in a year?

Last year, I was the GLORIOUS VICTOR! So naturally I feel extra pressure to beat her again this year. Any book we read, whether it’s an ebook or print book, counts. We count the number of pages read and track them throughout the year. Who ever reads the most pages is the winner!

Perks? The loser has to buy the winner a new book! This year I received “To the Sky Kingdom” by Tang Qi. It was a fantastic book! I am really hoping to win this year as well (I currently have a 2K lead).

Reading Challenge 5: Personal Incentive (4 Books a Month)

This is a personal challenge and prize system my husband and I came up with. I have so many novels I want to read, series to keep up with, and new releases that entice me — it’s hard to keep up! To help me keep up with series and to help keep the “To Be Read” pile from overtaking his office (where our library is situated) we came up with this bargain…

For every 4 books I finish in a month…I can purchase a new one (if I wish).

I know it seems silly, but it has been VERY beneficial for me as it helps me keep up to date on my favorite series, but spaces it out so I’m not buying a ton of books all at once just to sit on my shelf. It also helps push me to keep up with my other challenges too!

I’m loving doing all of these reading challenges! I hope you’ll join in on some of them too! If you’re interested in seeing how I progress in these challenges or what books I’ve been reading, subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Each month, at the end of the newsletter, I will let you know how I am fairing on my reading challenges and give thoughts on the books I read that month.

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Enjoy the challenges!

Shanna Pikora

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    1. I haven’t heard of the Uncorked Librarian Boom Challenge. I’ll have to check it out for next year! And don’t be down about being behind, it’s still early in the year! You have plenty of reading time still! ^^

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