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I don’t know about you all, but I adore podcasts! Since I’m working from home, I like to have them on in the background to keep me company while I’m working — it also distracts me from hearing the mischief my cats are getting into. A few friends have asked me lately for podcast suggestions, so I thought a blog post about my favorite podcasts would be fun!

There are so many to choose from, but here are my top 10 favorite podcasts:

Number 1: Heaving Bosoms

Yes, I know I’m supposed to go from 10 to 1, building up the suspense. But I never liked those kinds of posts. I’d rather jump right into the top pick, so that’s what I did here! Heaving Bosoms is by far my FAVORITE podcast! I listen to each and every episode, I’m on their Patreon, and I just adore them. This podcast recaps romance novels in hilarious fashion, covering all sorts of sub-genres and talking about the romance genre as a whole. If you’re a fan of romance, Heaving Bosoms is a MUST LISTEN TO PODCAST!

Number 2: Let’s Go To Court

Let’s Go To Court is a VERY close second. Their podcast is a true-crime podcast filled with laughter, jokes, giggles, and more. It is a fun listen, even when they cover heavy cases. I’m also a member of their Patreon, have listened to every episode, and even own a LGTC shirt that I wear on Wednesdays (when the new episode drops). I’m that big of a fan!

Number 3: Wicked Wallflowers Club

This is a fantastic podcast all about romance. The two hosts do interviews with authors, agents, publishers, and all sorts of other individuals all about the romance genre. A friend recommended this to me and it has been such an amazing podcast. It has opened my eyes to new ideas and thoughts about the romance genre, introduced me to so many new podcasts, and helped me find plenty of new reads!

Number 4: Ice Planet Podcast

This is definitely a niche podcast, but I love it so much! This podcast is all about the Ice Planet Barbarian’s Series by Ruby Dixon. Those of you who subscribe to this blog know that I did a book review on the first book of the series a couple months ago and LOVED it! Each episode of this podcast talks about a book in that series. If you are interested in the books or love Ruby Dixon, I really recommend this podcast!

Number 5: Cox ‘n Crendor

Cox n’ Crendor: In the Morning is a podcast hosted by Jesse Cox and Crendor, two YouTubers and Gamers. I found their podcast after following them on YouTube and just love this podcast. They talk about all sorts of random topics and even do bits such as a traffic report, reporting on weather, sports, and my personal favorite — the big news story of the day! If you are looking for something fun and lighthearted, check out this podcast!

Number 6: Wolf 359

Wolf 359 was my first, and still my favorite, audio drama podcast. It tells the story of the crew of the U.S.S. Hephaestus as it circles and studies Wolf 359, a strange star. It is absolutely hilarious, filled with amazing twists and turns, and has an amazing voice cast that will blow your mind. If you are looking for a story to get into, check out Wolf 359!

Number 7: Writing Excuses

There are many podcasts out there that talk about the writing process and how to become a published author, but this one is my all-time-favorite! This podcast has short episodes (15-20 minutes) “Because you’re in a hurry”, as is the tagline of the show. They cover all sorts of topics that cross all types of writing advice and considerations. If you are a writer, I really recommend you check out this podcast!

Number 8: The Bright Sessions

The Bright Sessions is another audio drama podcast. It follows the lives of individuals who are unique and have special powers, what they go through during the meetings with their counselor, and every day life. It is a fantastic series that also has a couple of accompanying books (which I also reviewed on this blog). It has everything from love, conflict, twists, and amazing villains. Be sure to check it out!

Number 9: The Lusty Intellectuals

This is a new podcast I’ve jumped into. It was referenced in a Heaving Bosoms episode (I believe) and that is what drew me to this podcast. I have a feeling once I listen a bit more it will shoot up the list to a higher ranking. This podcast is also one where they recap romance novels and share life stories. I have listened to a couple of episodes and it has already made my top ten–it’s that good!

Number 10: Write-Minded

Write-Minded is a podcast led by leaders of NaNoWriMo and SheWrites. They discuss all sorts of topics about writing, being an author, and books. Nearly every episode also has an interview with other individuals that let you dive deep into the world of writing and becoming and author. This is a great one for any writer out there looking for inspiration!

It was so hard to pick only ten podcasts to list, but these ones are by far my favorites. I never miss a single episode! If you are looking for podcasts, check these out. And please, tell me about your favorite podcasts! I’m always looking for new ones. Comment below with your top recommendations for podcasts!

Until next time, Happy Reading Listening!

~Shanna Pikora

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