General News and Updates

New Logo!

My apologize for such a short post, but I had to share some exciting news…


This has been something I’ve been wanting to get done for a while now, as the logo is an important step in creating my “brand”. I was so excited to sit down with Mandy from “I Liked It, So I Made It” and she put together a variety of logos for my site and future use. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Below are the new logos. I plan to use them in different instances. For example, the red and pink ones will be used for my romance brand, whereas the blue and purple ones will be reserved for other projects (coming soon!). And of course, we have the blank one so it can go on a shirt or tote.

Hopefully, as I start getting my stories published I can start thinking about getting some exciting merchandise or swag for events. For now, they will be nice additions to the website, newsletter, and social media. Hopefully this brings a little joy to your day as it did to mine!

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