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“Priest” by Sierra Simone (Book Review)

“Priest” by Sierra Simone is by far the hottest, sexiest, take-your-breath-away book I have read this year. “Forgive us our sins” is the tag line on the front of the book and I feel like it applies, because after reading it, I felt like a sinner in all the best ways.

“Priest” isn’t just another sexy romance. It builds and breaks a lot of the molds of the romance genre. The story is written in the perspective of Father Tyler Bell a young priest seeking to prove to the community they can have faith in the church and its leaders. Since romance novels are typically written through the female protagonist’s perspective, this change really gave depth to the book that had me begging for more after each chapter and showed a new side to the romantic story.

Not only that, but Sierra Simone did masterful work in laying little breadcrumbs that the reader picks up about other characters and their motivations that you don’t see until later. Every detail and bit of dialogue had a purpose and impacted the story or characters in some way.

I truly loved reading “Priest” by Sierra Simone. It broke down the walls of my expectation, built them anew, and was the perfect amount of hot and sexy. I went in expecting the novel to go a certain way and I was pleasantly surprised with every chapter and twist. The ending caught me by surprise and had me feeling emotions I didn’t even know I had!  

Thank you so much to Sierra Simone for this amazing novel. I already have the novella and the sequel on my wish list to read in the future. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me after falling in love with “Priest”.

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