Wonderland (Poem)

The poem below is titled “Wonderland”. It was one of five poems I had submitted to the 10th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest. This was a last addition to my submission, something fun I did in my spare time. Unfortunately, I didn’t place in the competition, but I still had fun doing it! I thought you all might like a taste of what I submitted, so here we are! I hope you enjoy!




The cat smiled back,

Laughing at her phrase.

The man wearing the hat,

Laughing at her ways.


How curious she was,

This tiny little girl.

Creating such a buzz

In this crazy little world.


She sings and dances,

Twirling away,

While the white rabbit prances,

Preparing for the day.


Never will she return,

Although she will say

Such lessons she had learned

From her wonderful stay.

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