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Newsletter Changes & Life Updates

Newsletter Changes

As you could probably infer from the subject line, my newsletter will be moving from Mailchimp to another platform. Mailchimp has recently updated its terms of service for how many campaigns (emails) are allowed, how many followers, etc. I’m not so popular to have reached those monuments yet, but to avoid an issue in the future, I will be moving my newsletter to this blog! 

For those of you already subscribe to the blog, there are no changes for you – however, if you would like to get email notifications when I post, then you will need to still subscribe to this blog. To do so, just scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM! There you will see a prompt that says “Follow Shanna’s Blog”. Enter your email address, hit the button and DONE! You will receive updates when I post! 

My goal is always to post once a week – once a month (depending on updates and how busy life gets), but I can’t make any promises going forward because…

Life Updates

Oh yes! my husband and I are expecting our first child soon! We are so excited (and admittedly nervous) to begin this next stage of our lives. I am hoping to keep writing after she is here, but it will (obviously) be at a much slower pace. So, please don’t fret if I don’t post regularly over the next couple of months.

I plan to be offline for that time of recover. I will be back, though, once I’m recovered and feeling like I got my “sea legs” so to speak with parenting — or when I at least feel functional! This includes my blog, social media platforms, and other modes you can follow me on. But fear not, I shall be back. And if you would like to say “hi” in person, I still plan to attend Romance Rendezvous Book Blast in August!

Until then, thank you for all of your support and readership! I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Happy reading!

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