Indie Author Book Expo (Peoria, Il)

This Saturday is the Indie Author Book Expo in Peoria, Illinois! I can’t wait for the event, especially since it is so close to my hometown. I know a few family and friends will be stopping by and it will be so great to see everyone, since I haven’t had a chance to go back home for a while.

There will be so many amazing authors at the event, so I’m really excited to meet them all. I actually don’t think I’ve met any of the other authors before, so perhaps I will leave with more writing friends! I’m also pretty excited as there seems to be a good mix of genres, so it should have something for everyone and perhaps something for my table assistant — my husband. Sadly, he isn’t a big reader of the romance genre, so we will see if he finds something to read while there!

I don’t have any prep pictures to share with you this time. Sorry! Admittedly, I kinda just kept things packed up as I knew the turn around on the event dates was pretty quick. I will, of course, have all of my books present and many, many fun swag items.

And a bonus incentive to attend…I will have deals and discounts for those of you who come to purchase the books in person! As well as new swag items and fun activities at my table. Like the new prize wheel — which we will all cross our fingers and hope it spins something other than a 5 (I only have so many heart shaped stress balls!).

I hope you all will consider attending. It will surely be a great event with lots of fun new books to add to your TBR pile! Be sure to check out the authors (listed below) and see if there are any books you are interested in!

Until next time, happy reading!


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