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“Christine” by Marie Piper (Book Review)

I’m back again with another book by Marie Piper, and she did not disappoint! I knew I would love the book when I learned it was a “Phantom of the Opera” inspired romance, but this book blew my expectations out of the water!

Though, I do have to preface this…If you are a lover of Erik (aka the Phantom), as I am…and wish Christine (in the original) ended up with that mysterious man…then you will LOVE this book. #TeamPhantom. It will make you swoon and squeal with every interaction they have.

If you aren’t #TeamPhantom, and preferred Raoul as the love interest, then I think you’ll still like the book, just not as much as I did. Though, Raoul is the bad guy in this one (a REAL bad guy), so approach with caution!

“Christine” is the first in the Monsters and Maidens series. It takes place in a little Old West town in the middle of nowhere. I feel this change of venue for the story makes it feel even more genuine and special, as it doesn’t take place in an old Opera house, mansion, castle, or other classic locations. This new twist on an old story made it fresh and unique. I’m also really excited to see how this location and the secrets it holds ties into the other books.

I do have to give a huge shout out to Marie Piper, for a moment. Even though she made this story 100% hers, she also added little sprinkles of the old story in, in the most hilarious of ways. Such as a name here, a joke there. There were times I barked out laughing when a little Easter Egg popped up from the classic story or the rock opera. Well Done, Marie Piper! Well Done!

Overall, “Christine” is a great, quick read for those who love the classic gothic stories but wished the heroine had ended up with the antagonist instead. I’m not sure what the other books will be inspired by, but I have theories… I’ll keep them to myself for now.

Be sure to pick up a copy of “Christine” today, especially if you are a lover of the monsters of gothic stories. It won’t disappoint!

Even better, you can get a copy of “Christine” for FREE! All you have to do is sign-up for Marie Piper’s newsletter! I have a button below to do so! Her books have never disappointed, so it would be a great one to join!

I hope you enjoy the book just as much as I did!

Happy Reading,

Shanna Pikora

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