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“Tin Man” by Ava Cuvay (Book Review)

Being an avid fan of Ava Cuvay’s books, I’m always excited when I see she has a new release. However, when I saw the title “Tin Man”, I was even more excited. Cyborgs! Is “Tin Man” searching for his heart (Oz reference)? And that cover!!! Needless to say my expectations were high, and this book didn’t disappoint.

“Tin Man” follows the life of two individuals, Adam Lehmann and Eve Myer. Adam is our silver cyborg; an ex-cop who deals with discrimination, anger, and hatred merely for accepting his cybernetic implants to save his life. Eve on the other hand is a kind woman looking to do good in the world and release information on the truth behind recent cyborg attacks.

They are two very different individuals who come together to make one spicy romance! From page one to the end, I loved each moment. There were amazing quips that made me laugh out loud, moments of genuine heartbreak, and a hot burning love that will make you blush. Not to mention an amazing automaton named Arthur!

I can’t give enough praise for this book! My only complaint…it ended too soon! But don’t worry, it is only book one of Ava’s new series!

If you love a grumpy bad boy, a genuinely kind heroine (who’s also realistically awkward), and want to dip your toe into a bit of sci-fi romance, “Tin Man” is for you! Although it is a sci-fi romance (Cyborgs!), it doesn’t bog you down in the science jargon or explanations. A great read for a Sunday evening with a good glass of whiskey.

Check out “Tin Man” today, or any of Ava’s other works, and find yourself falling in love with each and every character!

Read an exclusive interview from the author herself, Ava Cuvay!

A special thank you to Ava Cuvay for participating in the interview and giving us even more to love about “Tin Man” and the rest of the series!

Question 1: Tin Man is a wonderfully sexy romance, but it also has a hard edge of dealing with very real issues of bias, hatred, and fear. What inspired you to combine those into this fantastic story? 

Let’s be honest, history is rife with proof that society doesn’t readily accept people who they deem “different.” That uncertainty often manifests itself as fear, hatred, derision, and even violence… as evidenced by the Trail of Tear, the Holocaust, and racial lynching’s, to name just a few. My cyborgs represent the early stages of the cybernetic-human integration, and society is still learning how to deal with humans who are also part non-organic technology. And the fear of who controls who in the cyborg dynamic: man or machine. From an author standpoint, that makes for great conflict!

Question 2: This story has so many amazing characters that I just fell in love with, even ones that only appeared once or twice. I know you’re never supposed to pick your favorite…but let’s be honest…who was your favorite character to write?  

So many choices! Well, I absolutely fell in love with Betty the librarian (hence why I decided to make her the lead in Book Two!), but I also really liked writing Arthur the bartending automech. I think he’s a great counterpoint to my cyborg bouncer Adam, with possibly more of the non-judgmental, accepting qualities we’d like to see in ourselves as a society.

Question 3: “Tin Man” is the first in the Silver Cyborg Series and sets up for major plot conflicts and world growth in future books. Could you give us a little sneak peek behind the curtain (I had to make wizard joke, since the book is called Tin Man, sorry!) of what we can expect from future books in the series? Or perhaps who we can expect to see happily ever after’s for? 

Lol! “Tin Man” definitely is a nod to the Wizard of Oz character 🙂 Book Two is “Tin Toy” featuring Betty the cyborg-spy-turned-librarian. She dresses like a pinup model, kisses like an angel, and fights like trained assassin. And I love writing her! She’s the epitome of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. She’s a fighter, but also kind-hearted to those less fortunate. I can’t wait to bring her a hero who she can trust with her heart. The series will wrap up (except for maybe a side story or two) with “Tin Soldier.” Like the Hans Christian Andersen tale, our hero lost his leg in battle, and now has a weaponized cybernetic appendage. He’s ordered to track down a former lover who has gone MIA, and is suspected of espionage. She will be dealing with the pain and bitterness of having lost her breasts to cancer. I have a cousin dealing with this at the moment, and the possibility of getting it is a fear which hangs over most women… and I don’t foresee a near future where this issue goes away or is easily fixed with cybernetic boobs 😦  So some heavy stuff coming up. But also Happily Ever After’s! ❤

Question 4: Diving into writing Sci-fi can be terrifying at times with all of the research and technical language and knowledge. How did you prepare for writing “Tin Man”, especially for getting down all the mechanical jargon and parts? 

I admit, I’m horrible at research. Knowing I was going to write a cyborg trilogy, a read several cyborg romance stories by a variety of authors, decided those cyborgs didn’t have much in common with mine, and then I made sh*t up. Lol. Truthfully, though, the biggest challenge was to determine how much of my “cyborg” was mechanical Terminator-like machine and how much was more integrated computer-like wiring. Then a googled cyborgs to find enough jargon to make me sound fancy.

Question 5: As an avid Ava Cuvay reader, and I know many of my friends are as well, we would like to know… What future projects can we look forward to seeing from you in the future and do you have any events coming up where readers can meet you?

LOTS of future projects!! Finish the Silver Cyborg series, dive into my dragon-shifter series (I have four more hawt Viking brothers who need their story!!) And get back into my Heart Nebula series (I have at least five more books planned in that series). I just need more hours in the day and days in the year!! Waaaah! And yes come see me! I have several signing events around the Midwest this year! From Michigan to Ohio to Tennessee to Illinois and Iowa… it’s all listed on my website: All my books are also listed on my website, but is also a great one-stop location for my books.

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