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“The Homegrown Café Book Club” by Mellanie Szereto (Book Review)

“The Homegrown Café Book Club” by Mellanie Szereto has been one of my favorite reads in November. It’s a collection of five novellas following the different members of the Homegrown Café Book Club in a small town setting.

What I loved most about this series was the portrayal of each character. All of the women are older and wonder if love wasn’t in the cards for them. Even through their doubts and worries, these women are fierce, loyal to their friends, and have a sense of humor when it comes to the chaos of their lives. I love this as it makes their story even more special when they are struck with cupid’s arrow.

Each new story had me falling more in love with each lady and her love interest. The stories were unique for each couple and show how love comes from unexpected places. Whether the relationship bloomed from a lifelong friendship or a happenstance meeting, the love that follows is true and absolutely heart warming.

I won’t be sharing which characters you read about in which book — because of spoilers — so you will just have to purchase your own copy, either as a print book or ebook. I promise you it is wonderful read (especially around the holidays) and you won’t be disappointed!

Be sure to pick up your copy today!

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