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Camp NaNoWriMo (July) — Justice (Book 1)

This month is another Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I always love participating in these challenges as it pushes me to write more and really get into my stories. This month, I am focusing on my newest novel, “Justice”.

“Justice” is the first book of a dark fantasy trilogy I am working on. I have so many ideas and so very little time to write. But I’m hoping Camp NaNo will put me back on track!

My goal this month is to edit the first draft I wrote back in November and hopefully get a more concrete draft completed. Until then, check out the sneak peek and buttons below to learn more about “Justice” and the inspiration I have for this new trilogy!

Summary of “Justice”

When the world was ruled by chaos and evil, the gods stepped in and blessed two individuals to bring peace and balance, Justice and her Knight. Together they oversee law and order in the land. The line of Justice has gone strong for hundreds of years, until now.

As the peacekeepers and magistrates work to keep the world in balance, they struggle to find a new Justice. And when they do find the perfect candidate, she doesn’t want the job. Unfortunately for Arra, the young woman who passed the test, they plan to use her–whether she likes it or not.

Sneak Peek of “Justice”

***This is a sneak peek from the unfinished draft. This may be changed in the final story.***

“What are you?”

Arra sat on the hard ground with her knees up to her chest. Her treasured pressing book sat next to her as she contemplated her latest collection. The bloom twisted and twirled between her fingers as she looked closely at the nearly iridescent red petals, the little pop of black in the center with the thick stem.

Letting out a deep sigh, she leaned back, propping herself up on one of her elbows. “You look like hibiscus, but…” Arra put the bloom under her nose and breathed deeply. A wonderful scent filled her, a crisp and nearly fruity scent. It wasn’t like the strong and nearly overpowering scent of the local hibiscus that grew wild in the forest. Her mother loved having that variety in her morning tea so she would know that scent anywhere.

It was a puzzle, that was for certain. Perhaps one she could piece together in town.

Shifting over onto her stomach, Arra pulled her small book over to her and opened it to the last press she had pressed, a bit of lavender from her mother’s garden. She pressed it with such care, hopefully a gift for Magda’s upcoming birthday celebration. Her best friend loved lavender, whether it was the scent, the tea, or the plant itself. This would make a lovely little gift, something personal and special. Since Arra didn’t have any extra coin to purchase a gift, she hoped Magda would enjoy this one.

Arra flipped past the page of pressed lavender, went about ten pages later and then gently laid down the strange bloom. She took care to twist one of the leaves around so it faced up, arranging the petals perfectly so they would lay flat once pressed between the pages of the book. If she had the time, she would have taken it back to the house and made an afternoon of it, but she knew her father would be coming soon to collect her for a trip to town.

A quick press would do for now. She could always come back for another sample once she identified this one. Speaking of which, perhaps she could use the Peacekeeper’s library to see if she could identify it? The thought make her nearly giddy. There was nothing she loved more than exploring that small, ancient library.

It would also suit another purpose. She needed to speak to him about her letter anyway.

The letter.

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