“A Second Chance” – Character Profile

I’m so excited for my debut romance, “A Second Chance”, to be released in July. To help tease the novel a bit, I though I would share some special details about one of the characters in the novel. Keep an eye out for other little sneak peeks over the next couple months as well!

Character Details: Lucian Pereli

Lucian is one of two main characters of “A Second Chance”. We follow Lucian as he is released from five years in prison and works to create a new life in a new town in Iowa. Living with his brother Grayden, and working at The Black Cat Café, he feels he’s on the right track…until his heart throws him a curveball.

Lucian is 6’2” with dark blonde hair and green eyes. He prefers jeans and t-shirts to slacks and button ups, but usually ends up with nicer clothes since he lives with his brother, Grayden, who always dresses to impress. (Image above is my personal cast for Lucian: Mark Pellegrino)

Speaking of family, Lucian is one of four in his family. His parents are May and Roger Pereli, but he hasn’t heard from them since his incarceration. His three brothers are Adrien (eldest), Grayden (second youngest), and Caden (youngest). He lives with Grayden after he is released from prison to get back on his feet, but Caden lives nearby as well so they usually attend events as a tight-nit unit.

Fiercely protective of his family and loved ones, Lucian has no problems putting himself in the proverbial line of fire if it means is loved stays out of trouble. It’s a trait carried over from childhood as he had to protect his younger siblings from school bullies. He carries a cynicism with him and can be untrusting around new people. Frankly, he can be down right critical at times. He gave up on fairy tales and a happily ever after years ago. Though, it doesn’t stop him from reading about them.

In his spare time, Lucian can be found with a book in his hand (he loves a good thriller or fantasy), a cup of black coffee (always black, it would ruin it to add sugar and creamer and foam), with some light classic rock playing in the background (Poison, preferably). He takes to the new people in his life well, considering many of them have complete opposite personalities, like Bailey, his coworker at the café.

All in all, Lucian is ready to settle down and live a good life free from drama and pain and heartache. But it’s one thing for him to plan that, he learns it’s much harder to actually execute it.

There you have it, a sneak peek at Lucian Pereli. I wanted to include more information…but that contains SPOILERS so I left it out!

If Lucian peeks your interest, be sure to keep an eye out for “A Second Chance” release date in July — or perhaps even come to the Romance Rendezvous Book Blast in August (in Cedar Falls, Iowa) to get your own signed copy (it’s free to attend).

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Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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