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Agents, Classes, & Webinars…OH MY!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I have a few exciting updates and announcements I want to share with you all about (as you probably guessed it) agents, classes, and webinars. Let’s start with the big one…AGENTS!

I have officially started querying agents for my historical fantasy novel “Rhys of Novia”. I probably won’t hear anything for a while, as I know the process can take some time, but I wanted to share this update as it’s a very exciting step. I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens!

The next two pieces of news go hand-in-hand: Classes and Webinars. I have been working through some writers’ webinars and lessons through SheWrites University on all sorts of topics. If you have a moment, I would recommend checking them out. There are some really amazing ones and they are free until May 31st!

I have been working through these classes covering topics from social media, websites, blogging, platform building and branding. Long story short, I am hoping to make some changes to the website, social media platforms, and the like over the next couple months. I wanted to give you a heads up in case you pop-on the website and notice a bunch of changes.

Thank you for all of your support! I am so excited to be sharing these updates with you and hope to have more in the future!

Happy Reading!

Shanna Pikora

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